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Studio Policies

Studio Policies

Safety Protocols

What to wear:  You may wear something SEXY or workout attire (shorts, bra top, tank top, etc).  Please bring a yoga mat for the warm-up and knee pads to help protect your knees from some of our floor-work routines.  You may purchase the knee pads from us for $20, if in stock or any sporting good store.  Stiletto heels aren't mandatory, but recommended to help bring out your sexy.

Waitlist: This is only good for clients that live close to the studio.  DO NOT add your name to the waitlist if you live more than 30 minutes away.  If there’s an open spot in any class for which you are waitlisted, the online system is designed to automatically add you into that class up to 60 minutes from that class’s start time without sending you any notifications. It's your responsibility to check your schedule by logging into your profile one hour before the start time. You may cancel yourself off the waitlist at any time before the system adds you by logging into your account and manually removing your name OR by sending us an email to  Please do NOT use the waitlist if you aren't prepared to take the class on short notice.  If you do not show up to class after you have been added from the waitlist then the class credit will be forfeited and a $20 No Show Fee will apply, no exceptions.  Please do NOT contact us to explain your reasoning as to why you didn't attend the class.  We will be enforcing all Studio Policies, no exceptions.


4-Hour Cancellation Policy: You’re responsible for canceling your spot in class OR your waitlist position if you’re unable to attend. You may do so by logging into your account and manually canceling that class or by sending an email to After you have canceled your class, it is your responsibility to confirm your name has been withdrawn from that class by checking your schedule once more. The system may or may not send you a cancellation email. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to make sure your class has been canceled on time to avoid the forfeiture of your class credit and a $20 No Show Fee.


Running Late:  We do NOT have a grace period.  You will not be able to join the class if you arrive late, no exceptions. At that point, you will be considered a no show which means your class credit has been forfeited and a $20 No Show Fee will apply, no exceptions.  To ensure you'll be on time, please arrive 10 minutes before the class start time. 

Full Classes: Yes, our studio is very popular which means the first week or two may be full.  We advised you to immediately start reserving your classes as soon as make a purchase. Whatever isn't used within by the expiration date will be forfeited, no exceptions.. 



* All classes will be a maximum of 60 minutes to allow more time between classes for cleaning and socially distanced transitions.

* You must completely clean your area when done with Lysol or alcohol spray.  Supplies to clean your area will be given before and after class.


Drinks/Personal belongings/Dress code:

* No DRINKS allowed inside the studio. You must go outside on the patio or downstairs to quench your thirst.

* We will not be supplying water, so come prepared! 

* All bags must be kept on the patio or leave in your car.

* Come completely dressed with pole shoes and yoga mat in hands.



* Please plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to your class start time to sign the required Waiver of Liability form and Participation Agreement. Even if you were just there the day before, you will still be required to sign a new Waiver of Liability. 

* Do not enter the studio until the instructor gives the okay to come inside.


* If during class a student is displaying illness symptoms such as coughing, sneezing etc., instructors will ask students to leave class even if their temperature was “normal" at arrival. This is in the safety of the instructor as well as the entire class.

Payment Methods
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